In Case you Missed The Show, Watch it Now hip hop artist Milli Boii Foreign Also Author Tracy Knox

In case you may have missed it, it was a really great show Friday night with our guest talented hip-hop artist @milli_boii_foreiignn Milli Boii Foriiegnn is dope. His music is fire. We talked about his musical influences, and though comparisons to the hip hop great @kidcudi are made, you will appreciate his work once you hear him go. 

Author Tracy Knox @2be_setfreespoke on her many love affairs with things such as love and relationships and things such as the fast life. Recalling early on being a booster dressing fly and selling stolen merch becoming the center of attention which she craved very much before realizing the error in her ways and her purpose to help others, especially with the offering of her book entitled #MyLoveAffairsWithLove out now on / Tracy Knox 

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