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PlayaTshow Hollywoodindahood a place where everyday people get a chance to tell their story

A Place where everyone can be a star, for once In their life -We call It Hollywood In Da Hood If It ain’t ghetto It ain’t us. There is an internationally broadcasted television show every Friday at 9 pm (EST) for those of you that don’t know. This show features many different talents, musicians, politicians, inventors, and authors. Each week the lights go on, the cameras roll, and for one hour, the audience is transposed into the starring guest’s life. Each week without avail, the guests are asked a series of questions, sometimes pertaining to their career, and sometimes digging deeper into what the guest’s trials and tribulations have been. Playa T Show has been a success in the community of Cleveland, the platform where locals gain rapport amongst peers. Where people share their experiences and even a place where individuals can share a few laughs, and each week, the show begins by giving credit to “the Movers and Shakers” of Hollywood in the Hood, the company that houses the best show on the web. It’s quite apparent to anyone that watches Playa T’s (Terry Crumpton) work; he is confident, ambitious, and diligent in his interviews. Then there is the entire behind the scenes work he does as well. As a spectator, we see the final products, we see the end result of hard work, but there is so much more to PlayaT than just being one heck of a host. Terry Crumpton has twenty years’ experience in broadcasting and media. He attended college, served our country in the United States Navy, and decided to come back “to make a name for Cleveland.” He has volunteered his time to work with the community’s youth, either involvement with school supply drives or working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the area. The talent of children has always been an inspiration. Terry has also been known to work directly with schools, such as Warrensville High School; he has given hands-on direction to the next generation. Terry Crumpton, Hollywood Chuckie, and the Coleman Family, the backbone of the highly successful Playa T Show, roll up their sleeves and get busy with many positive roles in the community. These are the REAL Movers and Shakers of Cleveland and have worked closely with other organizations to betterment all. Thought invoking, detail-oriented, fast-paced, intelligent, and driven; these words come to mind when looking for ways to describe Cleveland’s own Terry Crumpton. When asked what the hardest circumstance he has had to face thus far, “realizing I am now considered a celebrity when I’m out in public is, I am comfortable now, but in the beginning, I had to be mindful of the things I did or said in public.” Having celebrity status in Cleveland and being active with the youth would definitely make me mindful as well.

All eyes on Terry. Terry Crumpton has been the host of the internationally syndicated Playa T Show for ten years; the show is broadcasted live in 156 countries every week without fail. He is by, and for the best-televised host, I have ever seen well respected and well-liked. His latest venture is now passing on the details of his experience with success to those following his footsteps. Author of the new E Book’ Hand to Hand Distribution’, he shares all the ins and outs to succeed in the craft he knows and loves. As the announcement states at the beginning of each broadcast, ‘Are you ready for the Show of your life?’ If so, I urge all to check out this phenomenal man in action LIVE every Friday at 9 pm… www.playatshow.com By Christy Mason Read More

From celebrities to the community pillars, the guest that has appeared on the show have come from all walks of life, from business and industry professionals to the voiceless, from the opinionated to those that have been left behind and cast aside. We affectionately call it Hollywood In Da Hood!!!!

Let’s make something together.