Shay Pifff &No Limit Spazzy Live on the PlayaTshow

In case you might have missed it it was a really great show last night Friday night with my guest brand promoter extraordinaire @nolimit_.spazzy & talented hip-hop artist @shay__piff 
Shay Piff who right now is in grief recovery performed a tribute to her deceased brother who recently passed away from Covid19 and has allowed herself space to heal before joining us at #MRHOLLYWOODSHOWCASE Fri Apr 23rd.
No Limit Spazzy talked of the agonizing losses of his brother, cousin, and girlfriend due to gun violence and the passing away of his grandmother due to Covid19 as the source of inspiration at going hard with his community activism in stopping the violence and soaring to new heights in the music world branding and promoting some of the hottest artists in the streets right now in @rootabang & @conniesunthetruth at #fullyfocused ENT.

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