Erotica Vibes Joins PlayaT to Tell Their Story

216 Crisco Performs his single “Built Like Me” Live on The PlayaTshow

Incase you might of missed Friday nights PlayaTshow it was a really great show with our guest @the_actual_tanis@iamblakedavis 

Charles Reed, And Now Yoga exclusive interview with Playa T That’s Me 

Art painter, content creator Jenny Pooh @sparkplugent says that every since working with @bigwords_charlesramsey after Mr. Ramsey rescued #AmandaBerry#GinaDejesus #MichelleKnight from being held captive abused and tortured for a decade on Cleveland’s west side. Her life has been a whirlwind, and she is currently producing a documentary.

@rtn_shank visit PlayaTshow.comHollywood In Da Hood talks new music

 @billionairemindsettlook the full story in an exclusive interview with Playa T Thats Me!!