Entrepreneur Courtney Warren Tells her story On the Playa T Show

Check out an exclusive interview with autistic child mom, and cosmetics entrepreneur Courtney Warren @gavin_n_grantsmom
Courtney who is thriving on her weightless journey sliming down from 500 lbs spoke about living in recluse or in her words a hermit because of her desire to shield her family from public ridicule and scrutiny because of her family’s challenge of living with autism. Autistic children usually excell at something they focus on and her eldest son Gavin who’s 11years old is adept in electronics.
Courtney has multiple businesses with one being a cosmetics line focusing on eyelashes and eye shadow palette with both of her son’s Gavin and 4year old grant actually in business with their mom šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ how real is that?
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