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Unapologetic 12 is a powerful, enlightening, riveting series on twelve woman who were once tried, convicted and served time for various crimes. It is a story of redemption, integrity, determination, pain, heartache followed by success. Each episode depicts the crime committed by the women, followed by their release, obstacles that they were confronted with and finally the willpower to beat all odds stacked against them.

This mini-series, is parallel to Love after Lockup and Life after Lock-up, with over 1 million views. 60 Days In and Queen Pins having a unique approach to the delivery of overcoming the stigma of being formerly/presently incarcerated. Other differences are, we are now formerly justice involved, writing, producing, acting, creating all of our content. In doing so, we are afforded the opportunity to depict women’s issues such as rape, incest, domestic violence, verbal and physical abuse, period poverty and mental health issues that appear to be the root to a lot of the bad decisions made when not dealing with PTSD encounters.

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